Finn the Human

Finn is a main character; In the Animated Short, Finn was previously called Pen the Human. Finn is the only human left due to the Great Mushroom War. Finn is already 14 years old. Finn's adoptive mother and father are Jermaine and Jake's parents, Joshua and Margaret. He makes an appearance every episode.


Name: Finn Mertens

Sex: Male

Age: 14

Occupation: Hero, Adventurer

Family: Joshua (adoptive father), Margaret (adoptive mother), Jake (adoptive brother), Jermaine (adoptive brother)


Finn is a heroic human boy who never gives up. He doesn't like smoochy lovey dovey things. He loves his best friend, Jake. Jake is his adventuring partner who always got his back forever, Finn also as well. As for a person with a heroic spirit, he is always happy. He has this crush on this special someone, Princess Bubblegum. But how unfortunate for Finn, Peebles doesn't feel the same (as shown in the episode, Incedium). He also has a crush on a young girl named, Flame Princess. He also has this friend, her name is Marceline. Marceline is the Vampire Queen of Ooo. But inspite all of that, He's still a hero.


AdventureTime FinnsHair

Finn's hair

Finn wears a white hat with two little bear ears. He wears a green backpack with a shade of light green on top and dark green on the bottom. He wears a top with light shade of blue and a pair of dark blue shorts. He wears white socks and black shoes. In the episode, To cut a woman's hair (information? click here) he took off his hat and revealed his beautiful golden hair.