Jake is a magical, stretchy dog. He is the adoptive brother of Finn. Joshua, Margaret and Jermaine are his real family. Jake is Finn's big, lazy best friend.


Name: Jake the Dog

Sex: Male Age: 28

Occupation: Hero, Adventrurer

Family: Joshua (father), Margaret (mother), Jermaine (brother), Finn (adoptive brother), Ice King (ex-husband)


Jake is a lazy dog which was proved in the episode, The Witches Garden. He also mentioned that he thought Running was some sort of light magic. But he is very very lovable with his best friend, Finn, and his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn. He would do anything for her, as shown in the episode, Her Parents. In the episode, he pretended to be a rainicorn just for his girlfriend. He is also afraid of Marceline because she is a vampire. He also mentioned vampires creep him the math out. But inspite of all that, he is still a loving dog.


Jake has two round circular white eyes with a shade of black at the corners. His body is covered with the color yellow and wears a pixie-sewn pair of pants.