Lady Rainicorn is oftenly called, LR. She is also Princess Bubblegum's loyal steed, best friend and companion. She is also Jake's girlfriend. At the episode, Lady and Peebles, it was confirmed by Princess Bubblegum that LR was PREGNANT.


Name: Lady Rainicorn

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Princess Bubblegum's Royal pet/transport

Family: Bob Rainicorn (father), Ethel Rainicorn (mother), Unborn Offspring


Lady Rainicorn is a gentle-loving Ranicorn. She is Jake's girlfriend. She is also Princess Bubblegum's pet (well, not actually a pet, just her trusty, loyal steed). Her parents, Bob and Ethel, are dog-loving creatures due to what happened on the Rainicorn-Dog wars. Bob was saved by a dog at this time and since then, dogs were never a threat to them.


LR is a long, slender unicorn. LR has a rainbow skin and a beach blonde mane and has one long-pointed white horn. She has eyes similar to Jake's. Her mom has a long body like hers, unlike her father's.