Princess Bubblegum with the sandwich

The Perfect Sandwich is made by Princess Bubblegum. She was also assisted by Peppermint Butler. This sandwich was shown at the episode Five Short Graybles. Cinnamon Bun was given the honors to eat it.


  • First, she made cheese by putting a cow in one of her machines where the cow spins and spins and produces milk until the cheese is produced.
  • Then, she takes a tiny cabbage where she makes it huge, makes it small, huge, small, huge, small until she gets the right size.
  • Third, she takes out a jellyfish and a blown out balloon where she places it in her other machine. After a few seconds, the jellyfish and balloon became a tomato.
  • Fourth, she makes bread by casting a spell. She slices it by using a crystal and lazer and takes the perfecly cut pairs.
  • Fifth, she grappled the cheese and suddenly turned to thread until the perfect slice was made.
  • Then, she made Peppermint Butler karate chop the tomato.
  • Seventh, they pretended they were baseball players and by using a bat, Bubblegum smacked the cabbage where it turns to slices.
  • And lastly, she carefully placed the ingredients together.